Member of S.C.R. Group




       The Agency for Investments Services and Business (A.I.S.A INVEST S.A.) was founded on the 7th of april 1998 and offers consultancy and all business level management services.

         The team is composed by high performace specialists , from the main domains of romanian industry.

        The management strategy of our team from AISA Invest S.A., company which administrates S.C.R. Group, aims first of all at armonising the external environment conditions (economic, competitive, technological) with the internal environment (structure, resources, company culture, management style) by constantly monitoring the internal and external events and tendencies.

        When considering strategies, our team analyzes all present and possible future threats and opportunities of the external environment as well as the internal resources, their strenghts and weaknesses, potential advantages over the other competitors. All of these define the Group's capacity of action and adjustment to the Romanian economic challenges.

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