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Short term management

     The main target is to drive S.C.R. Group on a competitive position on the international market. This way, the acquisition, transforming and trading all the specific products of every factory of the Group has to be done in efficient and dynamic way.

    The factors related to the market integration of goods, trading contracts and supplier costs will have a vital link with all the production factors (capacity and flexibility of the unit, production rate and tehnological processes). A major issue consists in promoting the image of the Group, the quality and variety of products and the distributon network.

    The organization’s creed is oriented to human values with high potential and professional expansive qualities. We try to identify the individual aspirations of our team with the Group’s interests, thus achieving a constructive alliance, which is mirrored by the economic-financial results of the group and the competitive top spots we are seeking.

    "We are here because of you" - the 10 year celebration slogan clearly reflects this issue – Acknowledging all the efforts of the individuals involved in the process.

      S.C.R. Group has proven its maturity on the Romanian market by high quality products and high management standards.

      The economic potential of the Group is rising and proves by the power of its own example that


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